About us

Erard NV

For years, Erard has been known for its production of foldable crates. The Evo Box is the result of long-standing research and investments, which results in an original and unique concept, unbeatable quality and reliability. The strong appreciation by our countless existing customers in many different sectors enables us to compete with cheaper alternatives.

Throughout the years, Erard has dedicated itself to constantly improving their foldable crates. The investments in the ‘In-Mould Labelling’ technology make the Evo Box an incredibly interesting marketing tool. Our customers immensely appreciate our constant drive to improve and innovate. The most recent development in applying a unique QR code that makes every foldable crate traceable is our crowning achievement.

IFS Logistics certified!
We are very proud to announce that we are IFS certified.
IFS Logistics is an international standard that has been specifically developed for the storage, transport and distribution of food products and other consumer goods.
Erard NV therefore guarantees the safety and quality of products throughout the logistics process.

IFS Logistics Certified

Erard NV is part of the Distrifund Group. Aside from foldable crates, Erard is also a manufacturer of cleaning products. Discover more on the site of Erard.