Supermarket chain Colruyt is a loyal customer that has been offering the Colruyt Box in their store for years. This way, customers can shop efficient and take their groceries to their home in a practical manner avoiding the use of plastic bags. When folded, the box does not take up space in the car or home and is ready for the next shopping trip.

“Our Evo Box is a marketable but also widely used product. We regularly see people walking around with our Evo Box, also in other shops.”

Additionally, Colruyt has set up a promotional campaign with the Colruyt Box to launch Boni, their new store brand. During two weeks, customers received a free Colruyt Box when buying 25 euros’ worth of BONI products.

200.000 boxes were given away during this very successful campaign. A performance beyond expectations so Colruyt quickly ran out of stock, after which they provided vouchers to their customers to pick up their foldable crate later on.