The Evo Box

Identification using QR code

We’re the only ones in the market to offer the possibility to laser print a unique QR code into your boxes. This way, all your boxes can easily be identified and remain traceable. This is a very valuable function for logistic ends that is much appreciated by our customers. This innovative technique is patented and cannot be found with any of our competitors.


We developed a removable lid for the Evo Box on our customers’ demands. With the Evo Box lid, the contents are extra protected. What’s more, the boxes remain perfectly stackable with the lids, both when they are folded and unfolded. Just like on the box, a logo can also be permanently implemented on the lid using IML.

Traceability using RFID

The Evo Box has the option to incorporate RFID tags. Radio-frequency identification is a technology that allows you to rapidly convey information as a distance. In other words, there’s no need for physical contact or a visual code to read the information. Using this technology, you can trace your Evo Boxes at a distance. It offers a range of possibilities, including: tracking, quick check of supply management, prevention of theft, monitoring processes…